Dr. Hynan specializes primarily in the field of child custody evaluations, and he his noted in the field as an expert on the subject. indicated by the popularity of his  CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATION: NEW THEORETICAL APPLICATIONS AND RESEARCH (2014, Charles C. Thomas Publisher).

However, Dr. Hynan also serves as an independent psychologist doing individual psychotherapy, marriage therapy and family therapy. He is also a certified provider for Continuing Education within the American Psychological Association.

Here is a listing of the areas of service Dr. Hynan provides:

  • Evaluations of the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities/Child Custody (e.g., IL 604.10(b) & 604.10(c))
  • Evaluations of Restrictions of Parental Responsibilities/Parenting Time and Decision-Making (e.g., IL 604.10(b) & 604.10(c))
  • Relocation/Move Away Evaluations (e.g., IL 604.10(b) & 604.10(c))
  • Mental Examinations (IL Supreme Court Rule 215(a))
  • Feigning/Malingering Evaluations
  • Work Product Review
  • Expert Witness
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Marital Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Professional Speaking